The Secret of the Andes

Anselm Pi Rambla at the True Legends Conference 2017 in Branson (Missouri)


the secret of the andes


After 35 years of investigations, explorations and excavations, I can announce that we have gathered important historical and scientific evidence concerning the existence of a highly advanced ancient civilization, what might be described as an original mother culture, unknown to our present civilization, a culture in possession of extraordinary knowledge, that decided, thousands of years ago, to make the Andes mountains their home.

An exceptional civilization of a transcendent spiritual nature, considered to be divine, or like the gods, a race, whose existence, through the passage of history, has been considered a superstition, and relegated to myth and legend.

Up to the present date nobody has been able to clarify if we are really in front of a myth and legend or if in fact we are in front of a historical truth that surpasses all our knowledge.

The Candelabro of Paracas

Decoded the mysterious GEOGLYPH located in the bay of Paracas in Peru


candelabro of paracas

Anselm Pi Rambla, expert in ancient symbology and specialist in Oriental and pre-Columbian cultures, has been able to decipher the mysterious sign of the Peruvian coast, located in the Bay of Paracas, about 300 km south of Lima, so-called by the natives the Candelabro of Paracas.

After several years of patient research, Pi Rambla has unraveled the meaning of the famous geoglyphic, also called the Trident of Paracas, achieving what so many specialists have tried for decades.


Koricancha - Saqsaywaman Project

The Tunnels of the Andes and the Gold of the Incas


American Channel HBO interviewed to Anselm Pi Rambla on the Koricancha - Saqsaywaman Project

HBO conducted an interview with researcher Anselm Pi Rambla about the Koricancha - Saqsaywaman Project in Cusco, Peru.

Pi Rambla related the work done in KORICANCHA and SAQSAYWAMAN with the aim of finding the famous tunnels (Chinkanas) mentioned by the Andean Tradition.

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Fulfilled Projects

  • koricancha project

    Koricancha Project

    The Tunnels of the Andes and the Gold of the Incas. Investigations and excavations in the Temple of the Sun of the Incas (Koricancha)

  • chinkana grande project

    Chinkana Project

    Excavations in the area of the Great Chinkana in Saqsaywaman in order to discover the entrance to the tunnel that joins that area with the Koricancha

  • tayos caves

    The Tayos Caves

    Expedition to the Cave of the Tayos in the Ecuadorian jungle. Research and exploration of the Caves by members of the Bohic Ruz Explorer team

  • paititi expedition

    Paititi Expedition

    Expedition Alto Madre de Dios (Peruvian Amazonian Jungle) in search of the mythical Paititi. Contact with an unknown tribe:
    "the Mashcopiros"

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